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Code: 532B


The UNIPUMP is a cryogenic pump for delivering liquid nitrogen from a modified Dewar Flask. It can also be used for delivering corrosive liquids.

It is recommended for use with the Metalthin and other twin-jet electro polishers.

The Unipump, Dewar Flask and Cooling Coil in the Metalthin electrolyte tank are interconnected by Neoprene tubing supplied with the Unipump. Liquid nitrogen is pumped through the coil and returned to the tank. The temperature of the electrolyte is controlled by the rate at which the nitrogen is circulated. A variable 12v dc power supply is built into the Metalthin for this purpose. If purchased separately from the Metalthin system a variable 12v power source can be supplied.

The Unipump is built using stainless steel, solid PVC and PTFE components. It should give many years of trouble free service. The Mk 3 version is easily disassembled and all parts can be replaced.